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I want to... recover from brain fog. have better memory. change a habit. become more focused. better manage a brain disorder. have more energy. learn faster. get better sleep. become more logical. use time more productively. become better!

Your Cortex Evolution


Training methods and advice from a real neuroscientist following current scientific consensus of what works. No pseudo-science.


No clichés. Actionable progression steps adapted to your needs, designed to realistically stretch you. Fast results and deep, lasting changes.


Real relationships with peers and coaches, thanks to live video in our courses/worlds. You’ve got someone in your corner who cares about you.

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You can test out our courses with a free trial period. You can also chat face-to-face with Dr. Dan Lathen to get personalized recommendations and decide for yourself. I'll help you discover the biggest things holding back you and your brain and make a plan to break through.

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The Ultimate in Self-Improvement, Designed Through Neuroscience.

Accelerate Your Personal Development

Elusive goals? Stubborn weaknesses? When you’re stuck, frustrated, or just want to move a little faster in your personal progress, professional brain development programs are the solution.

Powered by Actual Neuroscience, not Pseudo-science

Reputable science is a powerful and underutilized tool for positive behavior change. We build our programs from the ground up using proven methods from the worlds of psychology and neuroscience. No flashy, bogus pseudo-science based on a single, biased study. We follow the scientific consensus.

Enhanced by Community

Improving yourself is easier and more enjoyable if you do it with like-minded individuals. Our courses are designed to be authentically interpersonal, giving you endless opportunities to work with and learn from your peers and/or coaches.

How We Approach Self Improvement

See what makes us different

Science Over Pseudo

Our processes start with leading edge Ph.D. level understanding of the mind. Years of research experience now benefitting YOU!

Proven methods

What I do and what I guide you through in our courses is all based on research showing the best way to get results.

Real People, Real Connection

Deep change requires real connection. With many chances for face-to-face interactions, don’t be surprised if you end up with a new lifelong friend!

Algorithmically-matched Improvement Partners / Groups

Strive Hive: Our algorithms match you with the best people to give you support for REAL change.

Limitless Potential

I’ve found that thanks to neuroplasticity, there’s almost nothing that you can’t improve. All it takes is effective strategies, support, and effort.

Two Brains are Better Than One

You need ideas. Outside perspectives to see your blind spots. Accountability. Motivation. Your coach and/or your Strive Hive buddy will keep holding you up and pushing you forward.

Clear Direction

We’ll help you set goals that help you build the life you want. We’ll support and push you when you don’t hit them, and celebrate with you when you do!

Neil L.

Daniel is an amazing coach, hands down. I’ve had lots of coaches over the years in all areas of my life and Daniel’s approach has blown me away. I feel it might be best described as potent distilled clarity delivered with kind honesty. In the span of the first 20 minutes of our first call together, Daniel exposed 3 major unconscious negative beliefs/patterns that had been running my life. I’m extremely grateful for his expertise and I highly recommend working with him to unlock your true learning potential. Thank you Daniel!

Silvia G.

Daniel is a real mentor. Knowledgeable, patient and adapting to whatever difficulties there are that you need to face. He helped me overcome procrastination, finding my own personal and SMART goals that could motivate me and always being funny when building visual markers and memory palaces for mathematics and programming. Furthermore, he speaks a language that is my second mothertongue: Chinese! Incredible. Thank you for all, Daniel!


Daniel is a sympathic and encouraged coach. He is extremely empathic and regocnises the most important issues/problems very, very fast. The solutions he offers are precise and fit perfect to the learners need. I was surprised how fast he answers mails and how much specific feedback and input he delivers that was tailored on my needs.


Daniel has been absolutely phenomenal as a coach. He is very attentive to what you’re saying and is very focused on helping you as a client. He listened very well to what I said in our meeting and provided me extensive notes and tips on how I can work through certain issues I had. Couldn’t have asked for a better coach, which is why I signed up for more sessions with him!


Daniel is a wonderful person to start off. He has got a very genuine face to show that he actually cares about you and understands you in a very beautiful way. We shared quite a few commonalities in terms of our goals which was great. Based on that he could really tailor his prompt feedback to our conversation and show me how he did it using the techniques taught inside of the course. I appreciate the time spent with him and look forward to working with him soon.

Axel A.

Daniel is a remarkable coach! noble intentions and neuroscience knowledge are his weapons of choice when it comes down to improve peoples skills, habits and limits. Every problem you throw at him gets solve and turn into dust so you can make room for new helthy and positive actions, he presents every solution in an easy and an actionable way, providing guidance in every step of your path to succes. I’ll always be greatful for his feedback and advices. I ultra recommend him


Daniel is a patient listener and a great coach. He is able to provide extremely helpful actionable tips and strategies to improve your learning. He’s extremely responsive on email and prompt in replies.

Samuel D.

Daniel is an incredible coach! He will go above and beyond to help you reach your individual goals and keep you accountable at the level that you need. He always comes prepared to every meeting and wants to help in every interaction with him.


I enjoyed working with Daniel alot. He breaks every concept down to bit size pieces even a 2 year old would understand. Working with him helped me start applying the super learning methods better and quicker too. If you’re looking for a brilliant coach who cares and can showing you how to apply what you’re learning easily, daniel is your guy.

David P.

Daniel is an excellent professional and I am delighted to have chosen to have my first coaching session with him. He was extremely helpful: prepared the session in advance with some research, interesting material and tips to help me overcome what I was struggling with. He then provided me with a follow-up email full of tips, items of what we discussed, strategies to implement for further accountability, etc which I highly appreciate. I look forward to working with him again soon.

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