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Transform Your Career & Your Life by Upgrading Your Learning & Memory Skills With the Power of Neuroscience

In just 1 month, you’ll be able to:

  • Stop procrastinating: create effective learning & study plans.
  • Learn 3X more efficiently using proven prioritization & study techniques.
  • Improve learning comprehension.
  • Easily memorize people’s names.
  • Use Memory Markers and Memory Palaces to recall 20 pieces of information long-term after learning them for only 5 minutes!

In just 2 months, you’ll be able to:

  • Boost your reading comprehension & enjoyment.
  • Master the art of mind maps to improve understanding, retention, & critical thinking.
  • Boost your creativity.
  • Easily remember everything about people.
  • Instantly lock into your long-term memory everything you want to know from articles, videos, or other short content!

In just 3 months, you’ll be able to:

  • Read with 10X+ retention!
  • Instantly memorize key details from any conversation or meeting!
  • Remember hundreds of key points from any book you read!
  • Conquer learning projects such as mastering a new field or skill, & finish it faster than you previously would have even started!
  • Feel fully confident in your ability to learn, memorize, & remember anything and everything that benefits your career & your life!

Would you like to be more successful?

In our fast-changing world, the most valuable skill that you can have is the ability to learn quickly.

Would you like to be more intelligent?

Intelligence can be defined as “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.”

Would you like to feel more confident?

Nothing builds confidence like doing something you could never do before.

Experience a Whole New World of Learning & Memory Training

You have to see it to believe it

Regular Online Courses Don't Work. Ours Do.

Do you struggle to complete online course? 96% of people drop out of an online course without completing it.

Or maybe you determinedly finish a course, yet one week later or one year later, absolutely nothing has changed in your life. You forgot it all and/or didn't know how to actually apply what you learned. In the end, you've wasted your time and money. Even when people finish a course, this disappointment is the norm.

It's not your fault. Standard online courses are inherently flawed. The're not aligned with how your brain works or how effective personal development works. Our courses built in the Relm environment are.

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Effective online learning must be Engaging, Collaborative, Autonomous, & Motivating

ENGAGING – Professional training materials built into an interactive world. Visual and spatial environments make your learning unforgettable.

COLLABORATIVE – If desired, train with inspiring peers, face-to-face. Learn and practice together; make friends; network. Real people, real connection.

AUTONOMOUS – Open world. Choose for yourself where to go and what to train. We’ll guide you to end up in the right place for you.

MOTIVATING – Progress through 3D space. Maintain powerful motivation to move forward and never quit until you reach the end of your journey.


The Perfect Mix of Unforgettable and Professional.

Your brain is wired to remember visual and spatial information thousands of times better than things like words or numbers. Our course puts the science of learning and memory into action.

Unlike normal courses, our journeys make your learning unforgettable with experiential learning in thematic visual spaces. We link every training material to a unique interactive object, and we build every topic into its own 3D space with its own unique aesthetics. These differences keep things interesting and make recall easy, unlike normal courses where (nearly identical) videos become a jumbled mess in your head.

And the interactive environment lets us continually update the training materials with new valuable resources, including videos, images, documents, books, exercises, and websites.

To make things even more interesting, your avatar can wave, raise your hand, sit down, fidget, explore, and whatever else your body would do.

But it’s not a game. You’ll find nothing in these worlds that wastes your time, makes you earn points, or anything like that. It’s simply an engaging training space.

Unforgettable Learning Environment

The 3D world lets you experience and even create visual memory aids like never before – when we talk about using wacky images to remember things, you’ll actually see those images. When we talk about recalling information by walking through a Memory Palace, you’ll actually walk through it!


Human Connection is Critical for Your Success

In an average online course, how easy is it to ask questions or get personal support? It's hard. And there's no chance to practice new skills with others.

How often do you make a new friend? Almost never. You come away with zero friends or valuable professional connections, despite the fact that hundreds of like-minded people took the course at the same time as you!

Research shows that doing things together dramatically increases our interest, motivation, performance, and happiness (yes, even for introverts!).

And as they say, it’s not about WHAT you know, it’s about WHO you know.

Collaboration Is Always Encouraged But Never Required.

Our worlds encourage collaboration and genuine connection at every step.

When you’re working on learning how to memorize people’s names, everyone else who’s working on that skill will be there too, LIVE, over video. You can discuss the material, practice together, and meet like-minded people who may just become your best friend or your most valuable business connection.

Have a bad hair day? You’re free to turn off your video and/or audio whenever you want, use the chat, or just work alone.

Your interactions with others mirror real life. Breathe easy approaching people and conversations that only gradually come into your sight and hearing as you approach. You can tell if someone if focused on you or distracted. You can even wave, raise your hand, sit down, or fidget to convey your real-life body language.

Last, if you opt for brain coaching, you can leave a flare (literally!) and get help exactly where you ran into difficulties.

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Open Worlds…

If you’re like most adults, you hate when others tell you what to do or control you in any way. Feeling controlled destroys intrinsic motivation, interest, and performance. Most online courses force you to do specific things at specific times, or else you “fall behind,” quickly feel overwhelmed, and give up.

That’s why our (Re)Programs are open world: you have the freedom to go where you want and do whatever feels most valuable to you, only when it feels right.

…With Expert Guidance

Don’t worry – there’s plenty of guidance along the way to make sure that you end up in the areas that will be most impactful. We’ll help you identify your biggest bottleneck and work on whatever skills your brain most needs to transform your life.

Each world is carefully crafted to include different (literal) paths that you can take, with time-to-completion estimates. When there’s a choice to make, you’ll find questions and LITERAL decision trees to guide you through the decision. If you choose to work with a coach, you’ll also get extra-personal expert assessments to help you know what path is right for you.

But at the end of the day, it’s all your choice.


You Can’t Wait to See What’s Next

Your brain is ultimately motivated only by seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. We definitely don’t want to cause pain, so we make your journeys pleasurable, more than a standard online course ever could.

How? Simple – you literally progress through the course. When you complete a section, instead of a lame checkmark, you’ll move forward to the next area and discover a whole new landscape.

Along the way, you’ll find checkpoints to help you assess your progress on your own or with an expert brain coach. Based on these assessments, we’ll recommend revisiting past trainings, trying side paths to build prerequisite skills, or continuing forward, if you’re ready. When you pass off a checkpoint, you’ll get a special key that opens the door to the next area.

Every step forward is literally a step forward.

Unlike normal courses, you’ll be powerfully motivated to progress and never quit until you reach your journey's end.

How We'll Use Neuroscience to Rewire How Your Brain Learns

After 10+ years studying the brain as a neuroscientist and 4 years as a brain coach specializing in learning and memory, I can almost guarantee that your brain is operating far, far below its capacity for learning and memory.

That’s why I created a course full of science-based techniques that will allow you to boost the speed and depth of your retention by 2X, 3X, or even 10X!

If you think I’m exaggerating, my clients and I have used these techniques to quickly memorize dozens or hundreds of key points from books. How much do you usually retain from a book? Just several key points? Probably so little that multiplying your retention by 10 or more is absolutely realistic. 


  • Boost your clarity, confidence, motivation, and overall effectiveness by making powerful learning plans.
  • Boost your comprehension by learning ow to Grasp Difficult Concepts.
  • Boost your reading speed, comprehension, and retention using our tested Speed-reading Training Plans.
  • Rocket boost your memory retention by mastering the age-old arts of visual menonics.

That last one warrants further explanation. A Memory Marker is a type of visual mnemonic involving dynamic images and/or stories. They use people, objects, places, and memories that are already familiar to you to mentally “mark” (represent) new information. These can be placed in a Memory Palace, which is a mental journey through any location with which you’re familiar. Imagining your markers in a Palace anchors them, helping to cue your memory of the markers and the info they represent. These memory techniques boost retention at least ten fold. 

People have used these techniques for thousands of years to memorize everything from Greek epic poems to Catholic doctrine. Today, they’re used by memory champions to quickly memorize dozens of card decks in order, the names of hundreds of random faces, and up to 100,000 digits of pi. 

You can use these powerful techniques, too; they are skills that anyone can learn and apply. 

You may not have time or interest to memorize thousands of random digits, but you can easily master the skills enough to…

  • Memorize the names and personal details of a room full of people.
  • Read a book and recall dozens or hundreds of key takeaways months later.
  • Instantly memorize your credit card numbers or grocery lists.
  • Reliably remember details from a conversation, such as important to-do items.
  • Quickly memorize a speech, song, or poem.
  • Recall almost everything from a presentation, study guide, podcast, or video, after learning it only once.

Most of my clients can perform these feats and more in just a couple months.

But why do these visual mnemonics work so well? First, because manipulating the information in your head creates more memory-enhancing connections. More importantly, your brain is wired to process and store visual and spatial input far better than it processes or stores words, ideas, numbers, etc. A picture truly is worth 1,000 words. A dynamic scene that you experience in 3-D space in your mind is worth 10,000 words! 

Scientifically, the three stages of memory are: 

  1. Encoding: activate new neural pathways when you first learn something.
  2. Consolidation: maintain and strengthen those pathways/memories.
  3. Retrieval: reactivate those pathways to bring the memory back to conscious awareness.

The techniques in this Program help you optimize each stage:

  1. Encoding: use dramatic, wacky, emotional images to brand a memory into your mind.
  2. Consolidation: use effective spaced repetition (and quality sleep!) to lock it in. 
  3. Retrieval: use what you already know (the familiar elements of Markers and the 3-D space of Memory Palaces) to guide yourself back to the memory, like following a map.

Overall, this (Re)Program will completely transform and upgrade how you learn so you can feel confident in your methods, your comprehension, and your retention!

You can do this. I may not know you, but I know brains. Your brain can do this!

Dr. Dan Lathen

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will You Open the Doors?

We plan to launch our Learning & Memory (Re)Program this summer. But you can sign up now in order to get first access and experience it for free.

Do I Have to Download Anything?

No! Part of the beauty of the Relm environments is that you can simply click a link and instantly join via your web browser. Any browser may work, but Chrome seems to function the best.

Does the Course Include Brain Coaching?

We will offer optional group coaching and 1-on-1 brain coaching from Dr. Dan Lathen to help you get even more out of the course.

How Much Does It Cost?

We use a monthly subscription model to avoid the usual “buy and forget” of online courses. The usual monthly fee will be $39 (subject to change). If you want concurrent coaching, it will be more.

Do I Have to Interact with Other People or Reveal Anything About Myself?

No. I’m an introvert, so I get the desire to work alone and stay incognito. I would never force you to socialize or work with other people. You can turn off your video and audio and go through it completely alone, if you wish.

That said, I’ve also discovered through personal experience the tremendous value of connecting with others. And research in psychology and neuroscience makes it clear that your motivation, performance, completion rates, neuroplasticity, creativity, learning, enjoyment, and happiness are all much higher when you connect and learn with other people – even if you’re an introvert!

So for best results, take advantage of the interpersonal aspects of the course. But the choice is yours.

Does This Program Work for People with ADHD, Dementias, or Other Learning or Brain Disorders?

Absolutely! I’ve worked with many clients with such challenges. Not only do they succeed, they often succeed more than others. The unconventional techniques and 3D platform jive well with unconventional brains.

You’ll learn techniques that are much more fun, creative, and engaging than how learning is typically taught. Don’t worry if you’ve struggled with learning or memory previously, because our methods use vastly different parts of the brain that circumvent those challenges. But they’re not weaker “compensations” compared to how most people are taught to learn – they’re actually stronger neural systems that have been developing ever since humans first existed.

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