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Does any of this describe you? 

You on your own:

  • slow or no progress
  • not sure what to do, disorganized
  • what you’re doing isn’t working
  • you don’t follow through
  • not hitting your goals
  • your brain controls you
  • feel hopeless, confused, frustrated

If so, you’re in the right place!

You with a brain coach:

  • fast improvement
  • clear direction, plans, and structure
  • systematic, proven methods
  • accountability and consistency
  • hit your goals
  • you control your brain
  • feel hopeful, confident, happy!

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Commit to an ~18-week journey with face-to-face coaching & constant expert support.

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Flexible monthly coaching allotments with expert support in between. Minutes roll over.

Pay-As-You-Go Coaching

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Single sessions on an as-needed basis for maximum flexibility. 30 & 45-minute options.

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How It Works

Your brain is hard to understand and harder to master.

Professional coaching is the solution.

I can help you improve your…

  • Habits
  • Memory & learning skills
  • Sleep & energy
  • Focus
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Emotional skills
  • Career success
  • Study skills & test scores
  • Reading skills
  • Critical or logical thinking
  • Overall brain function

I can also help you…

  • Define your vision, goals, and priorities
  • Learn a new language
  • Build a new skill
  • Conquer a weakness
  • Hit an elusive goal
  • Deal with or prevent brain disorders and cognitive decline

I’ve helped clients do all of those things and more!

Science, Not “Self-Help”

Instead of hollow “self-help” strategies that never work, you’ll get proven advice based on sound psychology and neuroscience. To top it off, the methods I use to coach you will be backed by research, too.

Most importantly, instead of banging your head against a wall, alone, you’ll break through, together.

The Journey I’ll Walk You Through

1. Clearly define what you want. What’s your “Why?” Your Vision? What attributes or skills do you want to develop in yourself to make your Vision a reality?

2. Make a plan. You’ll get expert help to prioritize and focus your efforts. Within your brain’s Psychology, Physiology, and Technique, we’ll identify where you need the most growth. Then we’ll set goals, change habits, and take scientifically-proven steps to create the change you want.

3. Start building the life you want. Expert coaching will give you the knowledge, skills, and habits you need to successfully implement your plan. In your sessions, you’ll get answers, training, demos, tips, instant feedback, emotional support, help with overcoming challenges, and more.

4. Break through walls and keep progressing. Regular contact in between sessions will add to your accountability, support, and rate of change. When things get hard (they always do), I’ll keep holding you up and pushing you forward.

5. Become self-empowered. As you progress, I’ll spend less and less time demonstrating and instructing, and more and more time encouraging you to prioritize, set goals, plan, and problem-solve on your own, so you can walk away confident in your own brain and in your own ability to succeed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is brain coaching just for the elderly and people with brain disorders?

Absolutely not! Although I‘ve helped many people function better with ADHD, dyslexia, brain fog, etc., most of my clients don’t have any such biological challenges – they just want to improve.

How is brain coaching different from other coaching, such as life coaching?

My brain coaching includes most of the things you might get from a life coach, plus so much more. My unique specialty services include science-based ways to…

  • Optimize your brain function
  • Enhance your learning and memory abilities, including speed-reading and language learning
  • Study effectively and easily pass exams
  • Improve your sleep
  • Improve critical and logical thinking skills
  • Make or break stubborn habits
  • Master your emotions so they help instead of hinder
  • Deal with brain disorders or cognitive decline 

Plus, in ways similar to life coaching, I can…

  • help you better define yourself and your vision for your life
  • keep you accountable to goals
  • help you make difficult decisions
  • help you change mindsets or get motivated
  • help you identify and overcome your personal walls, even the very deep ones

How is brain coaching different from “brain hacking?”

Unlike many so-called “self-help gurus,” I don’t use faulty, impersonalized clichés. If something really worked for everyone, everyone would already be doing it! Some “brain hacks” can be helpful for some people some of the time, but usually only in the short term or only if you make a habit of applying them consistently, which is difficult for most people.

That’s why I focus on finding effective, long-term solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. In some cases, these are fast-acting, simple tips that I’ll help you make into a habit. But I’ll also help you uncover your deeper needs, so you can make more gradual but long-lasting changes that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

How often will we meet, and for how long each time?

Whatever is convenient and optimal for you. I’ll make recommendations based on your needs, but it’s ultimately your choice.

One session per week is standard. That’s frequent enough to maintain your momentum, but with enough time in between that you can work on the things we cover. But some people prefer twice a week, and some prefer only once every two weeks.

Sessions are usually 30 or 45 minutes. 15 minutes is also possible if you just need a quick accountability check-in or have brief questions.

How much time do I need to invest to make brain coaching successful?

It depends on your goals, personal strengths, and challenges.

Just 3 hours per week is enough to make massive progress. If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry – even tiny changes in behavior can bring huge changes in results. Right now, you’re probably spending barely any time on the things you already know you “should” be doing, and you’re spending zero time on the proven strategies that you don’t yet know about, so even 30 minutes per week could substantially change your trajectory.

Ultimately, of course, the more you put in the more you get out.

What will we spend our time doing?

During sessions: as your coach, I’ll use my experience with dozens of clients like you to assess what we should focus on and do at every given moment to use your time most effectively.

We’ll usually do a variety of in-depth trainings, adapted to your current needs. These may include helping you better define your vision and goals, mindset work, setting clear goals and plans, skill assessments, demonstrating techniques, giving you real-time feedback as you practice, and science-based problem-solving.

But we can also just talk, so you can get emotional support and encouragement.

Of course, most sessions will also include accountability check-ins. We’ll celebrate your recent successes and troubleshoot your recent challenges. If you didn’t hit a goal, what went wrong? What is the real, deeper problem that you might not be aware of? We’ll work together to brainstorm solutions and make better goals and plans.

Between sessions: we’ll keep in touch frequently so you get accountability, guidance, feedback, encouragement, and a chance to ask questions almost every day. We’ll also track your progress together (for example, with your own well-tested Trello board). As you complete Action Items, I can keep assigning new ones so that you can make maximum progress even in between sessions.

In short: in-person sessions are the best way to make progress but I’ll make sure you can make great progress on your own, too.

Are you a medical doctor? Can you give me medical advice?

No, I am a scientist, not a doctor. As a brain expert, I might give suggestions related to how to optimize brain function, but these are only suggestions. I cannot and do not give medical advice.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, I can’t, because I do not provide medical services. But you may be able to get your employer to cover the cost, or deduct it as a business expense if you’re self-employed.

Do you offer discounts?

I’m happy to extend discounts to those in need of them, especially students. So let’s meet in a free consultation and come up with a coaching arrangement that works for you. 

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See and Hear Other People's Experiences


Daniel is a sympathic and encouraged coach. He is extremely empathic and regocnises the most important issues/problems very, very fast. The solutions he offers are precise and fit perfect to the learners need. I was surprised how fast he answers mails and how much specific feedback and input he delivers that was tailored on my needs.


Daniel is a wonderful person to start off. He has got a very genuine face to show that he actually cares about you and understands you in a very beautiful way. We shared quite a few commonalities in terms of our goals which was great. Based on that he could really tailor his prompt feedback to our conversation and show me how he did it using the techniques taught inside of the course. I appreciate the time spent with him and look forward to working with him soon.

David P.

Daniel is an excellent professional and I am delighted to have chosen to have my first coaching session with him. He was extremely helpful: prepared the session in advance with some research, interesting material and tips to help me overcome what I was struggling with. He then provided me with a follow-up email full of tips, items of what we discussed, strategies to implement for further accountability, etc which I highly appreciate. I look forward to working with him again soon.

Neil L.

Daniel is an amazing coach, hands down. I’ve had lots of coaches over the years in all areas of my life and Daniel’s approach has blown me away. I feel it might be best described as potent distilled clarity delivered with kind honesty. In the span of the first 20 minutes of our first call together, Daniel exposed 3 major unconscious negative beliefs/patterns that had been running my life. I’m extremely grateful for his expertise and I highly recommend working with him to unlock your true learning potential. Thank you Daniel!


Daniel has been absolutely phenomenal as a coach. He is very attentive to what you’re saying and is very focused on helping you as a client. He listened very well to what I said in our meeting and provided me extensive notes and tips on how I can work through certain issues I had. Couldn’t have asked for a better coach, which is why I signed up for more sessions with him!

Axel A.

Daniel is a remarkable coach! noble intentions and neuroscience knowledge are his weapons of choice when it comes down to improve peoples skills, habits and limits. Every problem you throw at him gets solve and turn into dust so you can make room for new helthy and positive actions, he presents every solution in an easy and an actionable way, providing guidance in every step of your path to succes. I’ll always be greatful for his feedback and advices. I ultra recommend him


Daniel is a patient listener and a great coach. He is able to provide extremely helpful actionable tips and strategies to improve your learning. He’s extremely responsive on email and prompt in replies.

Silvia G.

Daniel is a real mentor. Knowledgeable, patient and adapting to whatever difficulties there are that you need to face. He helped me overcome procrastination, finding my own personal and SMART goals that could motivate me and always being funny when building visual markers and memory palaces for mathematics and programming. Furthermore, he speaks a language that is my second mothertongue: Chinese! Incredible. Thank you for all, Daniel!

Samuel D.

Daniel is an incredible coach! He will go above and beyond to help you reach your individual goals and keep you accountable at the level that you need. He always comes prepared to every meeting and wants to help in every interaction with him.


I enjoyed working with Daniel alot. He breaks every concept down to bit size pieces even a 2 year old would understand. Working with him helped me start applying the super learning methods better and quicker too. If you’re looking for a brilliant coach who cares and can showing you how to apply what you’re learning easily, daniel is your guy.

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