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You're not Alone Any More

Real Interactions, Deep Connection

Do you ever think...
"There's no one I can talk to about this,"
"My husband doesn't get it.",
"If I start talking about productivity, my wife zones out."
"My family doesn't believe I can change."?
(These are real, depressing quotations.)

I know what it's like to have no one to talk to. Especially about self-improvement. It can be hard to share your goals, aspirations, and successes without sounding arrogant or unrelatable.

The Strive Hive gives you someone that you CAN talk to about it. The Strive Hive is a place where you to be yourself. Be nerdy. Be smart. Be driven. Be motivated. Be successful. Be happy.

Surround Yourself with People Who Make You Better

Self-improvement Works Best Together

You've heard the self-help advice:
- "get an accountability partner"
- "find a mentor"
- "learn with a study buddy"
- "you learn best by teaching"
- "you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

This is all true. Research consistently shows that it's easier (and more enjoyable) to change together rather than alone.

But they never say WHERE to find an accountabliity partner, a mentor, a learning buddy, or someone to teach. They never say HOW to surround yourself with positive influences.

The Strive Hive is the answer.

How it Works

Find an Improvement Partner through Algorithmic Matching

We’ll use our custom algorithms to match you with an Improvement Partner who can be your accountability partner, mentor, coach, tutor, learning buddy, supporter, or simply an inspiring friend. You’ll work together to decide how you can best serve and support each other. We’ll guide you through the process to make sure you both benefit as much as possible.

You can also choose to join an Improvement Group instead of or in addition to your Partnership. Groups include ~5 people.

Feel Like Family in Your Own, Customizable World

Real Connection in a Virtual Space

How will you meet with your Improvement Partners? What better way than in your own virtual home?

You'll get a space that is exclusively yours. There, you and your Partner(s) can meet face-to-face (like Zoom), move around naturally (like Gather.Town), and colloborate with notes and compiled resources (like Google Drive), all in one place!

It's workroom, social room, and personalized family room all rolled into one.

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Natural Connection, Unnatural Effectiveness

Spontaneous Interactions

Thanks to the brilliant designers of Relm, in the Strive Hive, your interactions with others mirror how it works in real life.

You can breathe easy by approaching people and conversations that only gradually come into your sight and sound as you approach. You can tell if someone if focused on you or gettting distracted. You can wave, raise your hand, sit down, fidget, explore, and do whatever you would do if your body was actually there.

Digital Tools & Visual Aids at Your Fingertips

Meanwhile, the 3D world let's you experience and create visual memory aids like never before.

And the interactive environment let's you compile, link, and share any and all resources that you or others might find valuable, including videos, images, books, exercises, websites, and anything else you can find online.

Finding Focus and Connection in a Distracted, Disconnected Age

Two Problems, One Solution

Two paradoxical epidemics assault our world. On the one hand, a distraction epidemic: the internet and smart devices engage you (or pressure you to engage) almost every waking moment. No wonder psychologists and psychiatrists report never-before-seen levels of anxiety.

Yet, we're also experiencing an epidemic of DISconnection. Despite all the ways you're technically connected, do you FEEL connected? Do you feel like you have as many close friends as you'd like? Thanks to anonymous posting, written words rather than spoken conversations, lack of social cues, and ever-increasing at-home activities, most people feel less connected than they used to.

What's the solution? LESS time on the internet and technology, and MORE meaningful activities when you're on.

That's why I believe the Strive Hive will change the world.

The Perfect Middle Ground

The Power of Peers

If you care about personal development, you may want to invest in yourself but feel that professional help is too expensive. Meanwhile, you may have found that close friends are uninvested in you, awkward to open up to, or too willing to accept your excuses and rationalizations.

Getting help from passionate peers is the happy middle ground!

StriveHive Frequently Asked Questions

How is this better than trying to do it alone?

Community is really important no matter what you are doing. Coming soon is our Strive Hive Community to enhance your growth.

How is the StriveHive different from other groups and communities?

Our rules help foster a trusting environment where our past experiences can improve our future selves,

Carol B.

I can't imagine NOT knowing my Improvement Partner!

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